Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ye Ganna Baal

Christmas Morning... Ethiopian's celebrate their Christmas a little different than North American style -- its seems, from the reading I've done, that they gather, attend church, and eat together. Its not typical to exchange gifts, although, some parents will buy a new outfit for their child. Well, Maeve doesn't need any clothes and I thought I'd switch it slightly and give her a doll that I bought for her while we were in Ethiopia... It also seemed appropriate to string the "Horray for Maeve" banner.... because, well, Maeve and her country need to be hoorayed and celebrated today.

Later today we have a play date with Blin, another little girl that was adopted from Ethiopia and living locally, and we have plans to go out for Ethiopian dinner tonight. Thanks Maeve... l like holidays!

Maeve woke up to this site this morning

Maeve loves her new friend


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Maeve!
You look like a doll yourself.
Love to your mom...
Lv, CT

Eastiopians said...

Oh my goodness....her smile is so adorable! Merry Christmas!


Belleme said...

Maeve is so stinking adorable! Merry Christmas! :)