Monday, January 18, 2010


Is Maeve sleeping through the night now?!? Yeah, no. Oh well... it was fun while it lasted. One night. One can only hope it will repeat itself in the future... the near future would be nice.

Today was great. It was gorgeous out and we happened to have our social calendar full... Shill and I ran around the lake and then enjoyed the warm, sunny day outside of the local Starbucks. Maeve was able to tell Shill all about her recent activities and travels. Then, Melissa came over to play with Maeve. Maeve does love that girl... Melissa is seriously a baby whisperer. I'm not sure what Melissa coos into the ears of babies and toddlers, but they all fall over themselves to play with her. And, to wrap things up, Maeve and I met our new friends, Isa B (the cutest lil' 2 year old also adopted from Ethiopia from a single mom) and Katie for some Ethiopian dinner... Sadly, we both forgot our camera... next time.

Maeve and I ended the evening with some more play time, book reading, and apparently, some book eating...

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Orange Girl said...

That was one of Isa B's favorite books to chew on as well. A little extra fiber is good for digestion, right?
We had a lovely time meeting The Fabulous Baby Maeve (her official title in our house) and can't wait to do it again! ;)