Wednesday, January 13, 2010

R & R

Living the life of leisure, still. Different home. Different location. Same laziness. More sun though... so, that's great. Maeve breathed a sigh of relief when we disembarked the plane and she discovered that I hadn't chosen another iceburg for us to holiday on. However, she remembered quickly that she doesn't do heat... but, heat is still better than cold, any day of the week. Hands down. No competition.

Side Tangent: So count 'em. 9 pumpkin pies I've had access to in 7 weeks since we've returned from Ethiopia. Jamie and my Grandma both made 2 pumpkin pies knowing that I was coming. The pre-Ethiopia weight deficit is completely gone and rapidly heading the opposite way.... but, well, we're on holidays.

Maeve has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her American relatives... she has been doted on by Great Grandma and Grandpa, Great Uncle Reg, Great Aunt Bernie, Great Uncle Robbie, and of course, Gran and Pop. Life is good for Maeve. She was the centerpiece for dinner last night and proved that she could entertain the troops for a solid two hours.

So, we've walked, we've shopped, and before all is said and done, we'll swim. Maeve loves her bath so this outta be fun. We will bask in the sun and hang out with the crazy side of the family (ha) for another couple of days, and return back on Friday...

Bernie getting some Maeve lovin'

Grandma and Grandpa hosted the fam for dinner last night.

Maeve definitely has Reg wrapped around her little finger,

And, Gran is all over her newest grandchild.

Maeve showing off that she is self-sufficient in the sitting department now.


The Hoke Family said...

Awww, what a cutie pie! I wish I was there with you! Please tell G/G I said "Hi"... I guess you should tell my parents "hi" as well! ;)

Jersey Beth said...

Hi, I am a lurker. Love Maeve, love that you are so open and willing to share her with the internet! About Haiti- Many of my friends and I are looking for a reputable charity to make donations to help all those poor people. Do you know of any, or maybe a way to get donations to your friend Brooke that could help her help children? Beth

shauna said...

I just wrote to Brooke to see how we could financially support their mission directly.... I'll let you know what I find out- otherwise, doctors without borders, oxfam, and redcross would be great options right now too.