Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making an Impression

Maeve and I went back to her daycare again this morning... to play, and attempt her first nap there (key word: attempt).

Anywho... we arrived and Maeve couldn't have been happier. She LOVES other babies. She just gets so excited... and there is a correlation to how loud she becomes with how excited she is. So, there she is just squealing with delight with a huge grin on her face. Her dimples were about an inch deep, her smile was that big. Well... the happier Maeve got, the more startled one other baby got, which then set off the domino effect. Long story short -- One grinning and excited baby to three upset and crying babies. I just had to laugh, while unsuccessfully trying to turn the volume down, because you could tell she was just saying "hi" to her new friends and was oblivious to the chaos she had just created. Oh, I love her....

And then nap time... well, clearly daycare is way too much fun to sleep through, right? I finally laid her down on her allocated mat, well past her nap time, to see what would happen. Shocker... she didn't sleep. Instead, she just struck up a conversation with another baby on a different mat, chatting away happily... Oh well... she's totally happy, and that's what matters.

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