Friday, January 15, 2010


Maeve and I are back home and she's sleeping soundly in her crib. She was a very very good traveler today, aside from the fact an occasional squeal escaped... I'm not sure who is to blame, in the Arizona crew, for teaching Maeve how to activate the higher octaves, but we need to have words. Ha... No, seriously.

We had a really nice time visiting family and enjoying the sunshine. Maeve proved to be quite the entertainment for the Mesa family throughout the week... I'm not quite sure what they're planning to do now to fill their retired time. Here are some family photos... too bad we waited until Maeve was tired to take the pictures. What are you gonna do?!

Maeve with her Great Grandparents

Great Uncle Robbie

Great Grandma getting snuggles from Maeve

Pop and Maeve

4 generations. Perhaps I should have brushed my hair or something. Who am I kidding, everyone is looking at the cute one in overalls anyway....

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missy said...

yes the one in the overalls steals the show, but i think you are all pretty cute!