Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Night Out...

Last night I went out for the first time since being home... and I left Maeve with a friend, AKA, the babysitter. It was a bit more difficult to leave her than I thought it would be -- just weird, I guess. I had no doubt in the care and affection that Maeve would receive from Lynette and Doug but, I suppose I just wanted to make sure that Maeve wasn't stressed or uncomfortable in my absence. No worries there, apparently. She stayed up past her bedtime to party with them... she played, laughed, giggled, and then finally conked out. Perfect. I'm not worried about our "bonding/attaching" at this point, she's definitely attached to me... so, its nice to know that Maeve is comfortable around others too.

While Maeve was playing, I was too, on the other side of town. Leann took over Rosanne's tradition and threw a wine and cheese party -- Rosanne is unable to host her annual event for us now because she's currently living in Dublin. So, we all got dressed up and had a great time... missing Rosie and Brian at the event, however. It was fun to be out with my friends, for sure. But, it was equally fun to snuggle up with Maeve again at the end of the night and have her tell me all about her evening too.

Pictures coming.

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Colleen and JF Bertrand said...

It is so hard the first time! It feels a little like being naked! We have had Jacob home for 13 months, and we still have only gone out a handful of times. It does get easier, but it still feels a little weird. Congrats on a successful evening.