Monday, January 4, 2010


Today Maeve and I took a trip to visit her future daycare and meet her teachers. Its sad that I have to think about this already, but I still have a month of maternity left and I'm definitely going to make the most of it. Her new daycare is going to be great... they have a spot allocated for her already and bins and cubbies with her name on them. She was also able to play with some of her future friends and it turns out that her ponytails are perceived as a new toy for one other rolling baby... gonna have to be tough Maeve... :-)

Today there were only 2 other babies in her room with 2 caregivers... not a bad ratio eh? There will be a few more by the time Maeve starts in a few weeks (we will transition about 2 weeks ahead of time before she's there full-time), but the ratio is still pretty awesome. It will be so sad to leave her -- I know that she'll do just fine, but I feel like she needs me now. And, she's starting to show some stranger anxiety... normal and good, but its sad to know that she'll have to go through yet one more transition. She's tough though... And, her sweetness will ensure that her teachers are wrapped around her finger in no time.

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Audrey and Brian said...

Maeve will love it. It is harder on us mommy's to leave. My daycare started back up and Silas loves the kids! I'm sure Maeve will enjoy her company! Let me know where Stacy made you blog. Now that our adoption blog has ended, we want to blog it. I finally did update our family blog...I'm sure I have no readers...but making it a book is all worth it.

Maeve is a cutie! Thanks for sharing!