Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On Holidays....

Maeve and I have been living the life of leisure... it is good to be on holidays, for sure.
And, because I'm on holidays... I will just give you a glimpse of the haps here in Winnipeg thus far:

The cousins hanging out -- Taryn, Kate, and Maeve

Taryn and Maeve showing each other their jumping moves..

And also their tremendous flexibility..

Taryn has been lovin' on Maeve

Big news in the house... Kate lost a molar (if you look closely you can see it hangin')

Success... of course, she has lost the tooth so is writing a very nice explanatory note to the Tooth Fairy as to why there is no tooth under her pillow. Maeve is jealous that Kate is losing teeth when she still doesn't have any.

Dusk looking out back of Todd and Stacy's house...

Todd in the middle of cooking up an awesome curry dinner.. I think he was at hour 3 of 5 at this point.

Maeve just hoping that someone will feed her...

The cuz's

Grandma and Grandpa have now arrived from Vancouver... all the players are here

More jolly jumper time... whaoo hoooo

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