Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ethiopia Post #1

Okay. Just dive in, Shauna. So, I sit here in front of my computer, listening to my daughter snore through the baby monitor, and willing the words to come freely about our time in Ethiopia. I have self-induced pressure to make these posts good, or at least decent... we'll see what happens. Unfortunately, I didn't journal as much as I had intended, because each day was emotional, in its own right, and by the end of each day, I was tired and just went to bed.

So, I'll start easy. I'll start short. I'll start with just the travel to Addis. See.... I sort of cheat, because there isn't a whole lot to say. The big day was the day after we arrived.

Stacy and I completed our packing the night before we left. A huge thank you again to all those who donated items and/or money for Hannah's Hope, and of course to Roy, who enabled us to bring more donations than normally allowed. Love the green lights.

So, Amy volunteered to pick us up at 9:45am with her truck and lattes in hand. True to form... that's exactly what happened. I couldn't really sleep the night before, so I got up way early and started cleaning and doing laundry. Clearly something was amiss. This is not regular activity for me... But, who doesn't love coming home to a tidy house and clean sheets? And, it was a good time killer. I was excited to get on the plane.

All went well at the airport (and classic -- they didn't even weigh the bins after our careful weight allocation) and we boarded the plane. We proceeded to watch several movies, sleep (with assistance), and eat plenty of airplane food. We had a layover in Amsterdam for a few hours (we met up with some other AGCI families -- The Easts, McBrides, and one other family) and we all carried on for another 9-10 hours into Addis Ababa via Khartoum, Sudan. We easily made it through customs and immigration and Johannes was there to great us with a couple of vans to get us to the Union Hotel. The expected mayhem at the airport was absent. There were several men on hand at the airport who assisted getting the luggage/bins on the roof of the vans and were looking for tips, which we were expecting, so no big deal. We arrived at the Union Hotel around midnight, checked into our rooms, and anxiously awaited the morning to arrive --because we were only 14 hours away from holding our children for the first time. ....

Checking in at the airport.

Getting all cozy in our seats.

Finally... we're in Addis Ababa!!

Yay! All our luggage and bins made it.

Rolling to the awaiting vans

Getting all the luggage/bins on top of the vans... and then off to the Union Hotel we went.


Sunday said...

This post brings back memories! Thank you for sharing. :)

Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W) said...

Maeve is the most beautiful little doll!! Could her face be any sweeter?!

Thanks for starting with your "easy" post- this is what I needed to hear, the travel there. We leave TOMORROW at 7:30pm, and are beyond excited of course, and love seeing the pic of what it will be like. Is this really happening?! YES, yes, it is!!

Brian and Heather said...

Yay! Thanks for posting about your trip. We're waiting to see if we'll make the next travel group or not and reading your post was a great distraction for a few minutes ;) Maeve is BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations!!