Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bonus Early Holiday...

It would be in one's best interest to double check the date of departure for one's Christmas Holiday... especially when it involves an airplane. By a fluke conversation (thank you Jodie) I was flagged to the fact that my brother was expecting to pick me up at Winnipeg's airport last night. What a baffoon. Why doesn't he pay attention to the details? I don't fly out until Monday. I call to tell him so -- and as I'm talking to him I pull up my confirmation travel email. Departure date -- December 19th?!? OMG! I might have said a bad word and then hung up saying I had to go... I needed to pack! I needed to leave for the airport in an hour!

I called up my friend, Melanie, and just said "Emergency, emergency, emergency... now!" Can you come over and help me and also drive Maeve and I to the airport in an hour. And, being the stellar friend that she is, she came right on over... laughing at me of course. I ran around the house throwing random things into a couple of bags, stopping every now and then to think... okay. Winter clothes. Check. Formula. Check. Christmas presents. Check. yada yada yada. I had Melanie taking out my garbage/recycling and watering my plants for me. Poor Maeve was napping when this was happening. So, from the moment she woke up I put Melanie on her -- she was changed and entertained while I did the last minute pack.

Well... we arrived at the airport, as planned (ha), with plenty of time to spare. I have been living in a bubble and also had no idea there were a severe winter storm going on. I'm trying to play it up with the people in line like I knew what the heck they were talking about... and so slyly asked if it had breached areas like, Winnipeg, for example...

Well... we are officially on our Christmas Holidays and enjoying (aka... looking out at) the winter wonderland around us. Maeve traveled like a rockstar and made many fans en route. She loves her cousins, Taryn and Kate, who are totally doting on her. Its a good life.

Yes. I'm an idiot... but, an idiot that can pack quickly for a 2 week winter holiday.


emily v. said...

Girl, you are so funny! Your posts often make me laugh out loud. So happy that you and Maeve are doing so well. Have a great Christmas and enjoy the snow storms!

Emily V.

PS: how do you pronounce Maeve name? I'm sure i am saying it wrong in my head when i read your posts!

The McBrides said...

that is HILARIOUS! Go Mommy! nice!

The Hamilton Family said...

That is IMPRESSIVE!!! I have been a mom for almost 4 years now and I am not sure I could pack for a 2 week trip in under an hour. Bravo Shauna! Enjoy your holiday and tell everyone we said hello!

Anonymous said...

Did you take some ativan with you?
Lv, CT

Eastiopians said...

Holy crap. Glad you pulled that together! Happy Holidays wild one! :)

Orange Girl said...

Haha! Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood. If you're anything like me, your brain is going to be Swiss cheese when it comes to little details like dates. Nowadays if it isn't written in the planner then I don't remember it needs to be done! :)


gayle said...

You make me laugh, too! Just surrender yourself to the life of not remembering a darned thing! When Maeve hits 15 there will be no need to even say anything as it will be all wrong!
Give our love and best to Todd & crew! Wish we were there with you!
Auntie Gayle

The Hoke Family said...

Like Ashley, I've been a mom for 10 years now, and I KNOW I couldn't pack for a 2 week vacation in under an hour! You're the bomb!!

So glad to hear Maeve traveled well, and I'm sure she'll be very spoiled by the time you leave -- but that's the beauty of babies. :)

Merry Christmas, Shauna & Maeve!