Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Big and Beautiful Personality"

I can't stop thinking about Maeve, in between all the organized chaos, that is... But, I really can't believe that we will be heading to Ethiopia on Friday to go meet, love on, and bring home sweet Maeve. I have stared and stared at her photographs -- studying every angle and imagining what she looks like 3 1/2 months later. Will I recognize her? But, how could I not with all the hours of examination I've done? I learned this recently:

"she has such big and beautiful personality and we are going to miss her when her mom takes her home, of course very excited for all of them when they go home."

Almost there... almost there.


rebekah said...

You will recognize her - although, in the surreal experience that meeting your child for the first time is, a few have been known to fleetingly be confused.

It's all part of the amazing thing! If you're posting from there - I'm following along!

Audrey and Brian said...

What an amazing journey! Have a wonderful trip!

Adopting1Soon said...

You will absolutely recognize her.

Laura said...

I am so thrilled for you Shauna! Enjoy every delicious moment...I can't wait to read about your adventure when you return. Safe trip.

Karla said...

Too exciting! Congratulations! It is so wonderful that getting her home is so close.