Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Weekend Away...

This weekend was one of those that you are totally thrilled to be alive... it could not have been more gorgeous, really, it could not. The sun was shining, the mountains were out, and the air was crisp. I headed north to visit some friends, and they both are currently living on the waters of Boundary Bay.. sweet. So, Tilly and I hung out, caught up, drank coffee, and were entertained and simultaneously concerned for the lives of the kite surfers playing in the waters in front of us. The highlight, clearly, was meeting the newest member of Tilly and Gavin's family -- Sarah, who is only one week old. And of course, Charlotte and Kate are proud older sisters.

Then I was off to hang with Ann, Mike, Kaya, and Zane. We headed to Ann's parents for dinner and another catch up. Ann's parents -- Phil and Cecelia are second parents to me -- in fact, my Godparents. Ann's mom is currently going through treatment to fight a brain tumor and I am so impressed at her determination and how far she has come in her physical therapy. The acts of love within their family are so inspiring to me. I am sad that I haven't been up to visit more often.

And, this morning, I was greeted with this sunrise. Gorgeous.

The distraction was good. I was starting to feel antsy. I am settled again... friends are good for that.

Now I'm all geared for co-hosting our 8th Annual Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner Party tomorrow night with Amy and Brent. The turkey will be great.. but, more importantly, there will be pumpkin pie. :-)

And, maybe this week I'll hear about a court date.


Anonymous said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
Thankful for you,

Eastiopians said...

Beautiful sunset! I'm glad you are grounded again..can you send some of that vibe my way? :) Happy Canadian Thanksgiving...the pumpkin pie sounds yuuuuumy!

karen gerstenberger said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I'm thankful that you are here in the USA. =) Knowing you, and having you care for, Katie is another thing for which I'm thankful.