Monday, October 19, 2009

A Shower for Maeve

My first shower ever. And, I have to say, I'm a fan. Ha. Seriously, the generosity and love exploding towards Maeve and I is overwhelming. I use that word a lot, but I can't quite find a better one. I am awestruck by it.

Amy, Amber, Melanie, Leann, and Chelsea -- Thank you for the perfect evening. It was so tailored to my style, and for that I'm truly touched. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you.

Here I am getting "Rockabye Baby" from U2... Who knew... But guess what Maeve's favorite lullaby CD will be, like it or not?!

Chelsea leaving for the airport... We miss you SO much and were thrilled to play with you all weekend. Thank you for flying up to help throw my baby shower... you are such a great friend.

These amazing friends rented out the loft at Tutta Bella's and hosted all my other great friends for an evening of conversation, dinner, and Maeve gawking. Thank you to all of my friends -- those that could make it and those that couldn't. I am so grateful for all the gifts I received and the donations to Hannah's Hope. Unfortunately I didn't get a great photo of all the peeps and venue, as I was busy chatting... but, know, it was just perfect.

That being said, I try and document by photos. I want Maeve to know how loved she is and see the generosity of her new friends when she's a little older.... Check out how spoiled Maeve and I were tonight.

Her own personalized big tote bag..

A perfect mix of gifts that I "need" for Maeve. Again, I am SO spoiled.

Maeve's new floor pillow!


Sunshine said...

Shauna, I am so sorry I didn't go to your shower. I have crud and didn't want to spread my germs, but it looks like you had a lot of fun and were showered with a lot of love. I wish you best with court. I can't wait to hear what is determined.

hazel said...

It looks like your shower was a real hoot!!

I love the group pictures - your friends look like a hilarious bunch :-D