Monday, October 19, 2009

"Shauna Weekend"

How can I even begin to tell you how great my friends are?? Words alone are not substantial enough... Today was my baby shower for Maeve. It was awesome, amazing, and perfect. But, that is the next post. This post is the prefunk to the shower.

My friends dubbed it "Shauna Weekend." First off, Chelsea flew into town on Friday so that she could help throw me my shower, and therefore we decided to celebrate all weekend -- we just needed an excuse! Ha. I celebrated in the fact that my friends are absolutely amazing and I'm so thrilled that my "village" is of such high quality. I cannot wait for Maeve to know and love these amazing women.

It was such a good time. Both Saturday and Sunday nights were, let's just say, super fun. We resorted to our teen years, perhaps, and had slumber parties both nights. We stayed in, we went out, we relaxed, we played, we laughed, we danced... I have to say, there is a little bit more freedom in how you celebrate when you're not biologically pregnant. Enough said.

I am so grateful for the love and kindness within our group. I love that we have meaningful conversations, and then sometimes, not so much. :-) There is plenty of laughter -- together and then at one another. I could not be a luckier person. (Except for when I'm being laughed at...) My network of friends is awesome and Maeve is going to benefit from the trickle down effect tenfold. Amber, Amy, Chelsea, Jen, Katie, Leann, and Mel -- thanks for loving me and my baby girl. (Notice how I put the names alphabetically to avoid bickering... we have some sibling rivalry tendencies at time... some of us more than others)

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karen gerstenberger said...

Looks like it was wonderful celebration. You (and Maeve) deserve it! I'm thankful that you have such a great group around you.