Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Thing is for Certain....

I still may not get a phone call from my caseworker tomorrow, but I will be living it up when Bono sings directly to me tomorrow night. I have a very unhealthy love for Bono... but, I'm sure he loves me back. Pretty sure anyway.

My new BFF's, Kim and Randy, have arranged special access passes for me and my friend, Ann, to enjoy the U2 concert... Suh-weet!

So, tomorrow morning, we'll head north to Vancouver and partake in the most anticipated concert of the year, for me... Let's hope good news accompanies the day as well.

I've got to go get on my boots now... my sexy boots, that is.


The B Family said...

Oh, Shauna--you will not be disappointed! We saw them in Tampa and it was just awesome. Have fun rockin' those boots! Hope you'll also be celebrating passing court.

The McBrides said...


Eastiopians said...

Oh, I love him too! You definitely need sexy boots for this concert! Have a blast and I hope you are dancing to good news!