Tuesday, October 13, 2009

8th Annual Canadian Thanksgiving...

Yesterday, Amy and I hosted our 8th Annual Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for some work peeps and their families. We love it... and it is a well-oiled machine by now. We all know our roles -- Amy is in charge of pies. I am in charge of the turkey. Everyone else brings their special side dishes, and Brent and Chris are the official turkey carvers.

Everyone loves coming to Canadian Thanksgiving, because who doesn't like to partake in a full-on turkey feast? It really is the first test to holiday eating... you ask yourself questions like, "Am I ready for American Thanksgiving and Christmas?" and "Have I trained my stomach for such gluttony?" Apparently not enough...

I spent the whole day eating in preparation. Bad idea. By the time dinner rolled around I was full -- but, no way was I going to back away from this amazing spread. I was determined. I made it through the main course but then it was dessert -- the whole reason we have Canadian Thanksgiving to begin with -- pumpkin pie. I LOVE pumpkin pie. It hurt so badly every bite that I took... but, I pushed through the pain. I payed for those decisions. Hours later I was trying to determine if I had food poisoning or had just over-eaten. Umm yeah... I had just over-eaten. I was trying to decide if I was allowed to call in sick due to my own self-indulgence... what would that phone call sound like exactly?

I survived and worked today you'll be happy to know.... and am currently shoving some more pie in my mouth as I type this post... I am not a very quick learner.

The 20 pounder heading into the oven

Avery making sure the bar was adequately supplied for Dinner.. she's such a lush

Our official carvers -- Chris and Brent

The spread starting to take shape

The crew

And, the amazing pies that ultimately did me in...

PS -- no court date assigned to me yet... but, it would appear that Ethiopian courts did, in fact, open on Monday, I think. Yay, I hope!

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Anonymous said...

Your dedication has always inspired me. *Remembers the coping closet*

Hoping for a court date..

Lv, CT