Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Did I go?? Yep... you bet.

I love unplanned events in life -- Jenn got a couple of free tickets given to her today at work, which turned out to be my good fortune too. Seriously. What a fun night. I feel like I just came out of a theatrical performance... the whole thing was fantastic and the acrobatics were amazing. It may not have been PG at all times, but entertaining, most definitely.

I do love P!nk. I suspected before that I wanted her to be my friend, but after tonight... it is confirmed. She's so bada#* and funny. Perhaps I'll use different tactics than my friend, Melanie, tried in Cabo a few years ago.

I have to be at work in 6 hours.... its gonna hurt. Night.


casskarj said...

We are usually in Seattle a couple times a month, so we'll check out Queen Sheba soon! We'd also love to meet you sometime! It's nice seeing other WA families! Praying for a court date! Many blessings!

The Hoke Family said...