Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm going to go ahead and say it...

By the time I put my head to my pillow tonight, my painting quest will be complete. To be fair, I was down to just the upper landing, but I couldn't mount up the appropriate amount of enthusiasm to just get it done over the last few weeks. Today is the day.

I have just discovered something worse than painting ceilings -- a five foot tunneled up skylight in a vaulted ceiling. Let's just say it is downright toasty up there. I felt like I was about to emerge from a submarine or something and looking like I just went to hot, sweaty yoga. There's a sight.

See... with no news coming for at least a couple of weeks regarding Maeve, you get stuck with home improvement posts... Oh, so exciting, I know. Whatev.

Update. Going to bed... and painting is done. Not that you all care. But I care :-)

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