Friday, September 18, 2009

First Experiences....

Amber and Chris are moving this weekend... and a 10.5 month old isn't exactly the most helpful lil' person in the preparation phase... so, Avery spent a good part of the day with her "Aunties" -- Amy, Melanie, and Shauna.

This time, Melanie needed something at IKEA.... so shopping we went. Clearly, such an outing is exhausting and thus, frozen yogurt was an imperative purchase on our way out.

Avery was a part of the shopping trip, therefore, her "Aunties" felt she should participate in a little frozen yogurt tasting with us. We might've gotten our hands slapped later by Amber... but seriously, we justified it by the fact that Avery eats yogurt all the time! And, no, we didn't give her a whole cone...

Yumm... this stuff tastes pretty good.

Avery wanting more, and Bennett trying to sort out how he can get in on the action too

Very protective of this newfound treat

Is there a label on this thing... I've gotta tell Mommy about this so she can get me more of this stuff

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missy said...

this is hilarious! my sister still talks about how my mom and i gave her 10 month old daughter unauthorized ice cream from mcdonalds 13 years ago! looks like the trip was a blast!