Monday, August 24, 2009

A visit from the North...

This weekend I was treated with a visit by Jodie, Dirk, Larissa, and Erika. They came to stay for a couple of nights before heading off for a family holiday at Lake Chelan. Certainly I was excited for them to visit, but I was excited for Dirk to come and help me with a few select projects... Little did he know! I needed a little extra force clicking my blinds in... and assistance in putting up shelves. He decided to give himself a bonus project after he broke the latch on my hope chest... all my hopes and dreams were in jeopardy for a minute there... but fortunately all is well again!

Dirk fixing my hope chest AKA a math problem.

Larissa, Jodie, and Erika cheering Dirk on

Scary smile... but the job got done!

Remind me never ever never go shopping on the weekend soon before school starts ever ever again. Oh my.... What a complete zoo -- sans cute fuzzy animals. The girls needed to shop for school so I thought I'd tag along and be social. Its a good thing they're worth it... But, its going to take a lot of convincing to ever do that again!

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