Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Check. I stole Amy and we headed to Babies R Us today. She served as my baby guru to tell me what I actually needed and what is practical. So, the nice lady at Babies R Us armed me with a gun and off we went. It was super fun... as a single person I find myself always attending other people's showers and weddings etc... and buying things off their registries, which is fun and exciting in its own right. But, now a role reversal -- surreal. It was pretty amazing knowing that I was registering for sweet lil' Maeve.

Bennett was a trooper and gave his input too. Seriously, everytime the lil' guy hangs out with me I seem to make him go shop... Sorry dude.

After registering we made yet another trip to IKEA. Big boxes of furniture are currently sitting in my house just waiting to be assembled.... I need to gather up the perfect amount of patience before I decide to divide and conquer... maybe later.


Lindal said...

Hey Shauna,
You must be SOOOO excited, and of course we are so excited for you- and for Maeve who doesn't yet know what a lucky little girl she is! Hope everything is going great and hope you have recovered from the jabs - Harden up Princess!!!
p.s. will think of you when I am in Broome in a couple of weeks xxx

karengberger said...

What fun! That must make it all feel even more real, and near. Bennett is a gorgeous boy; good work, Amy! =)

forneko said...

YIPEE for you!!

It is SO much better being on the receiving end of all the attention and loot for a change...I find it a little disconcerting sometimes because I'm not used to it.