Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun Fun Weekend....

My birthday weekend -- it was awesome. I decided to take the weekend off from home improvement projects and just enjoy the beautiful summer that we've been experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately it was cooler than last week (where on Wednesday we broke two records -- the hottest temperature, and the highest low ever recorded....) but it is still plenty warm. I think my fan is exhausted.....

My fun weekend started on Friday night when I had a house warming/birthday party. I failed to remember to pull out the camera during the party, but here is the morning aftermath. One of the highlights was a surprise visit from Chelsea, who moved away on Monday, but flew back into town for a wedding this weekend.... It was so awesome to see her! And kudo's to Casey who put on her party hat only one week after major hip surgery.

Amber, Avery, Amy, and Bennett came over on Saturday morning to continue to celebrate my birthday and made me a homemade breakfast. How sweet are they?

Next.... onto SeaFair fun. Chris and Karen invited me on their boat to enjoy the celebrations on Lake Washington.... It couldn't have been a better day on the water.

The Blue Angels put on a great show again this year.

We were situated just right on Lake Washington for the low flybys...

Super fun day....

Then I was off to a seafood fest on Saturday evening.... a prefunk dinner for Camp Side by Side this week.

In preparation for Camp Side by Side, which has a medievil theme this year, I watched the testing of the very impressive, homemade, trebuchet that took place on the shores of Lake Tapps.

Everyone stayed clear of the flying fruit's flight pattern though....

A beautiful sunset overlooking Lake Tapps

Mt. Ranier at dusk

Okay... I told a white lie, but I was too curious as to what the yellow would look like in "M's" room after the whole 'mint, crest, green episode'. But I didn't paint the whole room, so, it doesn't really count as being a home improvement project, I think. (BTW... the yellow looks great. phew.....)

The weekend was wrapped up with a great lunch catching up with friends, Annie, Dan, and their kids -- who all just moved back into town (ps -- and a big thank you for my emergent Starbucks this morning!), a nap, and a BBQ at Amy and Brent's (and Bennett) along with Karen and Carter's company. Thank you Chris for the freshly caught salmon... it was fantastic.

So, here I embark on yet another week. Perhaps this is the week that my world will change forever.... I will continue to keep my phone close by :-)

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haze said...

Man, what a great birthday weekend!