Saturday, August 8, 2009

Camp Side by Side

Camp Side by Side. Its an amazing place. I have volunteered as a camp RN for the past five years... It is a camp for families that have a child with cancer... and the beauty is that the whole family comes along for the fun ride. I am always blown away at the production behind, and in front of, the scenes to make sure that these families are cared for and have the best time possible. Very rarely do these families have the opportunity to 'just be', relax, and enjoy each other -- they endure an extreme amount of stress every single day. Certainly we can't eliminate it, but we can make a dent for a few days. I love it because I rarely get to see families have fun... the hospital is not fun. Camp has joy and laughter. Its refreshing to see. I did find this year difficult at times because there were some families that I so wished could have attended. In fact, I had counted on them attending this year... I will just never understand.

I have several friends that volunteer every year also... I can't post any photos of the families that attended, so I'll give you a glimpse of camp with photos of my friends instead :-) And, it seems, my camera only made an appearance on carnival day... so, that's what you get.

The medieval theme was a hit.... And, the unlimited Tully's cart is beyond awesome. I'm still jittery! ha.

So... in no particular order, here was a day at camp --

Princess Daphne watching the horse rides.

Cj, David, Pax, and Lance lounging...

Lisa and JJ

Sue and myself

David -- taking it for the team in the dunk tank.

Team Fisher -- Cj, Pax, and Lance.

Dan about to get wet...

Fierce Pax and a not-so-intimidated Daphne.

Although she is mesmerized by the sword...

Lance, the jester...

Like father like son -- Pax taking after his dad.

Carnival from afar.

Annie and myself...

Matt and Zach

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Eastiopians said...

That breaks my heart about some families not making so sad. I think it is pretty darn incredible that you take part of this camp are right...even a few days for them with love and laughter are memories that they will never forget. Well, I will continue to blog stalk you b/c you MUST get a call soon. MUST. I need you to be my travel buddy, k? So get serious and stare at your phone more intensely or something. ;)