Saturday, July 11, 2009

So, what next?

This is redundant information to those already in the adoption process, but for those that aren't, I thought I would shoot out a quick post on what happens when I get "the call" -- as this seems to be the most frequent question I get nowadays.

Essentially my case worker will call me with a referral... this means, I get to learn all there is to know about my little girl -- sometimes there will be a lot of information, and sometimes there will be very little. I will also learn of her known medical status as an Ethiopian pediatrician will have assessed her and done lab work in Ethiopia. And of course, I will receive all the pictures they have of her via email... I think my caseworker hits the 'send' button when she's on the phone with me so I can see photos of my little girl while I'm learning about her. Super cool.

What next? I freak out, I call all my friends and family, and then I get busy. I have to contact my International Pediatrician to pass on all the information and photos that I've been given so that they can make their own assessment, based on the information they have. They will send me a report within 48 hours and at this point I say whether or not I will accept the referral. I believe this is done so that there is absolute clarity about the children and their health, as much as can be known, anyway. Then there are forms to fill out,get notarized, and then sent back to my agency... the turnaround time is fairly quick -- within a few days.

And then, I await for a court date in Ethiopia. This is the clincher. In order for my daughter to be legally "my daughter", the Ethiopian courts must declare this the case. There is a lag time between referral and court date because there is a bit of a bottleneck for all adoptions that are taking place in Ethiopia -- all agencies go through the courts. I will not fly over there for the court date as I have given a Power of Attorney to my agency to act on my behalf in Ethiopia. It is not terribly uncommon, although frustrating, to not pass court the first time, and even second sometimes... It may be because a birth parent doesn't show up to court (if there is one), or paperwork isn't filled out properly... who knows... anyway, it seems to always get sorted out in the end. I will most likely get caught in a longer lag period because the Ethiopian courts typically shut down for the months of August and September due to the rainy season, so I wouldn't expect to get a court date assigned before this happens...

Finally, once I pass court -- I will then be assigned an US Embassy appointment In Ethiopia... and that seems to happen 2-3 weeks after court. That is when I would travel (along with my sister-in-law, Stacy)!

Sorry for the long-winded post. I barely had the attention span to write it, nevermind read this. I just thought I'd shed some light to the process. As I mentioned, I am now carrying my phone with me all the time -- well, Monday - Friday 9am-5pm. My friends tell me I'm 2cm dialated and 70 effaced... my water could break at any moment. The difference is, it will only break during business hours....


haze said...

Congrats on making it to #1. Also, belated congrats on your new home!

I can't wait to hear when you get The Call.

The Hoke Family said...

So, are you going to have the epidural, or are you going to tough it out naturally? ;)

I'm SO EXCITED for you!! I'm so glad that Stacy will be traveling with you.

Love you,