Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Close... Yet So Far....

Today is my birthday. There was the fantastical part of me that thought Julie, my caseworker, was going to wait and give me my referral call on my birthday. How cool would that have been. Well, it would've been... but it was a bit of wishful thinking!

I think I am officially lame because instead of playing on my birthday, I chose to continue on my quest to get every square inch of my place painted. I love that I spent literally half the day painting the spare bedroom this cool green... oh, how I marveled at what a great choice I made.... I kept running downstairs and looking at it from different angles -- from inside the house, from outside, from the entrance way.... oh it was great... the natural light just hit it perfectly.... I couldn't have made a better choice. That was up until dusk hit. OMG! What happened to the perfect hue?? How is it now mint, crest, green. I can't have a mint, crest, green room... sigh. I'm thinking I should've gone out to play instead now! It wasn't all a bust though. I successfully used the drill today... I always think I'm handy when I get to use a drill on a project.

Never fear. In case you were thinking I am totally boring.... friends are coming over tomorrow night to celebrate my new home and birthday. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday throughout the day... its making up for the mint, crest, green -- I think. Ha.


haze said...

Happy Birthday, Shauna!!

I'll bet that green is perfect. It's easy to second/third/fourth guess your choice.

Note: I initially didn't like the look of my yellow paint in the evening. This after I paid a professional painter to paint 90% of the house with it. Luckily I discovered the wonder of 'natural light' light bulbs - they don't have that awful fluorescent/ yellow tinge. What a difference - I LOVE my yellow walls now!

Please try them!

p.s. power drills ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is worse, that I didn't know it was your birthday or the mint green. I shall decide tonight.

In the meantime Happy Belated! Look forward to celebrating with you tonight...

Thought she painted her dining room red, until morning when it was pink.
(CT, xoxo)

The Hoke Family said...

I agree with "Haze". My TV room was this awesome shade of yellow in the daytime... it's name is "Lions Mane". However, once nighttime hit, it turned into "Mustard Yellow". Hmmm. After some lamps came into play, the hue grew on me. Well, it grew on my mainly because I don't want to paint anymore... ;)

You rock, Shauna!

karengberger said...

Happy Birthday, Shauna!
If you don't end up being happy with the paint color after changing the light bulbs, you can always go over it with another color (using a rag or sponge). That creates a great effect. We have that in two rooms and we love it.