Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

It was back on July 1st in 1867 that Canada became a dominion... Oh Canada........

Anyway, sorry for the lack of move pictures and the chaos that followed.... but, I'm stealing free wireless internet from my new neighbors since Comcast can't come out and hook me up until July 10th. Therefore, my connection is super slow and its not patient enough for the picture downloads. The move went really well, my friends are rockstars, and I love my new place. I have some very entertaining photos of an incident involving a couch, a stairwell, and some very determined souls -- more determined that I ever will be. I will post photos of all these things later.

Re: adoption news. No official news recently... but I do know that I hold one of the top 4 spots (unofficially) on the waiting list... Yay. I suppose the phone could ring at anytime time. I have to say its really fun to organize, decorate, and create a home for two now.... super fun.

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Anonymous said...

congrats, friend! let's find a time to connect. soon. this is ridiculous. glad you're settling in. xo cj