Monday, July 20, 2009


First off.  No referral yet.  Maybe tomorrow?

Today is a bitter sweet day for me....  Chelsea, one of the sweetest and most giving people that I know, has officially moved south with her hubby, Casey.  Casey was accepted into Loma Linda Medical School -- so California they return.  I am so sad to see her go, but I am so excited for them and the adventures that lay ahead.  In life, Chelsea is a huge cheerleader... she sees the absolute best in people and encourages endlessly.  She really puts most of us to shame!  Chelsea and Casey plan to adopt from Africa in the future, and she has probably been my biggest fan in my whole adoption process -- you couldn't ask for a more supportive friend.  She has bought "M" so many gifts already, celebrating every step of the way....  Also, I am losing my running buddy.  Who am I going to run events with now?  Great.  Now my health is at risk.  ha.  So, I am sad for me... and very happy for them.    I figured a montage of photos, in no particular order, was appropriate...

Exploring the Pumpkin Patch

Leukemia & Lymphoma's Pineapple Classic Run

Our Goodbye BBQ for Chels and Casey

Chelsea and Me

Playing in Vail

More Vail fun

After the Jingle Bell Bash

Mid-way through the Seattle Half Marathon

Classic Chels expression

And, she's really good at Karaoke

Hanging at the cabin

Snowshoeing in Leavenworth

More cabin fun


rebekah said...

Hi- I hardly ever comment but I am a faithful reader... anticipating the big day!

Meanwhile, though, I am jealous of your outdoor options out there, and also of friends who are outdoorsy. Lucky girl, you are. But I am sad for you to lose your training partner...

My bro and wife and son live in Seattle, and my aunt is on Vashon. We love it out there.

karengberger said...

I'm sorry that your dear friend is moving, but as you say, it is a great adventure for them, so it is also cause for celebration. When it's a strong, good, deep friendship as you describe, you will stay close (my closest friend moved last summer). It's not easy being far apart (I miss those girls' lunches & fun gatherings), but love endures!
I met Carin T. yesterday, at Katie's bench. It was lovely to talk with her. I can see why you bonded with them; she is great.
Blessings to you!

The McBrides said...

no call here either! We r #1 on the boy list!!! Maybe today... We, too are simply enjoying the anticipation each am brings. Can't wait to hear about ur girl!
Mitzi in TN