Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Aussie Photos...

Again, in no particular order, these photos of the rest of my time in Australia -- mostly of while we were in Coral Bay.

My mom, Emma, and Josh were in Coral Bay to greet us when we finished the 4WD Challenge

About to have dinner

Goof Balls



Ignore my awesome hair -- me and my mom post snorkeling

Quad bike tour along the beaches and sand dunes

Emma, Andrew, and Joshua

Its rough to be on holidays at the beach

Back in Perth -- Joshua celebrating his 7th birthday

Hanging out with Em and Josh

Sunsets and Happy Hour on the beach at Coral Bay

Josh-man and Emma-pop hanging out with Gran

Andrew, Josh, Emma, and Leah

Coral Bay with Ningaloo Reef right there

I love this photo mostly for the scene that is taking place behind me and Leah -- I promise you that Emma is holding up the peace sign and not the alternative, as it would appear....

Andrew and Emma

Here I am on the quad tour sporting a very sweet helmet

They do math lessons differently in Australia -- apparently beer bottle caps are used.

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Rosanne and Brian Carter said...

So AWESOME!! So glad you had this adventure before your next upcoming adventure. I was thinking now wouldn't be a very warm time of year, but apparently, it's gorgeous...thanks for sharing the pics!