Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Closing Day to Me!!

Its official. These are now mine.....

Now all of this....

Needs to go here.....

Bribery with Top Pot Donuts, lunch, and refreshing drinks will hopefully do the trick tomorrow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Register Today....

Get on the Bone Marrow Transplant Donor List... Its super easy and it could potentially save a life. Most of you know that I am a pediatric hematology/oncology RN and most often work with Bone Marrow Transplant kids. Sooooo... this is close to my heart. Anyone with mixed ethnicity are always urged to get on the list as these patients are the most difficult to find matches for... but, anyone of any ethnicity could potentially be the right fit for a person in need of a transplant.

Okay, there is a free drive right now to get on the list... All it takes is a mouth swab.

Go here. -- its the National Marrow Donor Program. And then type in this Promotional Code: PIF070109

That is all....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My life has recently been consumed by filling many many cardboard boxes. I found out on Monday afternoon that the sale of my condo and therefore the purchase of my new townhouse was a go. Let me tell you... it has been a long three months of uncertainty and frustration. But, I will not dwell.... I am just a happy happy happy camper to be able to transition to this next phase of home ownership. Now my daughter will have a room -- its the little things in life that make you happy. So, this Saturday is the big move day and I have conned a few unsuspecting friends into helping me. I knew I liked books... but I didn't realize how many I had until I started packing them. Don't tell my "unsuspecting friends"....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day....

Ohhh... and yet another opportunity to pull out the photos of the '70's. So... here is my cool and smooth Dad sporting some sweet outfits.

I am a Daddy's girl for sure. I love you Dad... Thank you for everything!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Aussie Photos...

Again, in no particular order, these photos of the rest of my time in Australia -- mostly of while we were in Coral Bay.

My mom, Emma, and Josh were in Coral Bay to greet us when we finished the 4WD Challenge

About to have dinner

Goof Balls



Ignore my awesome hair -- me and my mom post snorkeling

Quad bike tour along the beaches and sand dunes

Emma, Andrew, and Joshua

Its rough to be on holidays at the beach

Back in Perth -- Joshua celebrating his 7th birthday

Hanging out with Em and Josh

Sunsets and Happy Hour on the beach at Coral Bay

Josh-man and Emma-pop hanging out with Gran

Andrew, Josh, Emma, and Leah

Coral Bay with Ningaloo Reef right there

I love this photo mostly for the scene that is taking place behind me and Leah -- I promise you that Emma is holding up the peace sign and not the alternative, as it would appear....

Andrew and Emma

Here I am on the quad tour sporting a very sweet helmet

They do math lessons differently in Australia -- apparently beer bottle caps are used.

Variety Kids 4WD Challenge in Western Australia!

Okay. It seems like a daunting task to blog about the 4WD Challenge that I participated in while I was in Australia -- more because I am totally going to mess up on reporting on the areas that we traveled through and visited. But, really, unless you're from Western Australia, you're likely not going to know the places and names anyway, so I could butcher it completely without anyone being the wiser. But, I will give it a go and see what happens.

We started in Meekathera and traveled throughout areas of the Pilbara for nine days before we finally arrived in Coral Bay. For those that are interested, and in the know, here is where we went: We traveled along the Canning Stock Route for a while, made our way to Kumarina Roadhouse, up to Newman, stayed the night at Weeli Wolli, traveled through and stayed in Karijini National Park, headed to Tom Price, took a look from the top of Mt. Sheila, stopped in at Millstream Homestead, headed to Pannawonica, off to Nanutarra next and then Giralia, and we finally ended up in Coral Bay. Something like that anyway. It was quite a distance that we traveled and most of it was all on off-road tracks. We saw all sorts of different landscapes... the colors are just so rich in that part of the world.

My sister, Leah, and I traveled together in one truck and my brother-in-law, Andrew, and his two friends -- Wayne and Doug, were in a different truck. I tried hard to break our truck -- it got a flat on one of my drives, the truck somehow got a small dent on the side as a result of very narrow passageways at times with trees and branches, and the truck started a slight fuel leak too. I don't really take ownership for that one... I don't think.

I met so many great people on the trip, and it was organized very well.... I felt like we were on the Amazing Race at times in the sense that at the beginning of each day you didn't know where you were going to end up. They would send you off with directions of where to go by telling you when to turn at certain kilometers etc... our GPS was our friend for sure. Anyway... It was hard to pick out a small selection of photos that I have... but here's a little glimpse of our fun.

These photos are in no particular order because I don't have the patience to figure out how to rearrange...

This is our truck with the bed popped up on top

My sister and I coming on through

Above and Below... just different types of track that we drove

I love that the sign is riddled with bullet holes

This was so fun... it was like Jurassic Park. We were making our way to Weeli Wooli but had tons of water crossings to make in the dark. Hence the convoy to make sure we didn't lose anyone.

Morning tea stop

Goanna stew... and below is the particular goanna that we ate

Gorgeous landscapes

There were many theme nights along the way -- We were chefs this night

Truck #77!

Our last lunch stop... Near Coral Bay

Wayne getting ready for dinner...

Doug and I -- Country Western Night

We were also all split up into 4 teams and responsible for providing cocktails one night -- We were the gold team and this was our night.

This doesn't translate as well in the photo... but when we were done driving that day and I got out and took my sunglasses off -- I had raccoon eyes by all the red dirt caked on my face.

There were even fireworks one night....

Our support crew so graciously changed and repaired our flat tire....

Another morning tea stop


The view of dawn from inside my swag...

It was amazing how they transformed the middle of nowhere into this...

We had entertainment every night by a few guys that were participating on the 4WD Challenge too -- the music was awesome. A bunch of backpackers staying nearby were excited too...

Another night of music...

There was a lot of dancing too

Widow's peak... above -- the successful way to go about it.
Below -- getting high centered and required winching!

Driving along the Rabbit Proof Fence

Arriving in Coral Bay and successfully completing the journey

Doug and Wayne...

Red Team's cocktail night...

More Jurassic Park action

Everyone camping

A kangaroo and her joey hanging out at Millstream Homestead

Sleeping swag style