Thursday, May 21, 2009

Australia #2

The bags are packed -- the truck is currently being loaded. We are about to embark on a great adventure. To be honest, I'm not really sure what we're doing. What I do know is that we are doing the 4WD Challenge to raise money for the Variety Kids -- a charity for children with medical and/or special needs in Australia. You can read a bit more about what we're doing, where we're going, and who we're helping here. Everyone says it will be an adventure of a lifetime. And, if its anything like my previous exploration of the Kimberly area in the northern region of Western Australia 3 years ago with my sister's family, I'm sure the predictions will prove true.

We are taking off tomorrow morning and driving from Perth to Meekatharra to meet up with the whole crew in the evening. There's a real sense of mystery... no one is privy to the specific itinery -- but we are given a general guideline as to what areas we'll end up every night. And, being a newbie on the trip, I am left even more in the dark to all the surprises ahead. There are 17 vehicles participating in the event this year plus the support trucks. My sister and I are in one truck... so hopefully we survive each other, nevermind the elements! We have been split up into different teams and, it turns out, Aussies like to dress up because there are all sorts of theme nights. My sister and I had to go costume shopping a couple of times this week...

So, my sleeping bag is all tucked and rolled up in the swag -- my accommodation is all set. If you remember back to my March 25th post, you will recall the wild pig on steriods that was discovered in one of the areas we'll be exploring. Let's hope his cousin doesn't make an appearance in the near future. And, apparently last year, a tame dingo came round in the middle of the night and was playfully pouncing on Andrew's, and his friend, Wayne's, swag. Dingo's don't exactly have a good name after one of them ate that baby... so, I'd really prefer not to have any 'tame dingo's' pouncing on my swag... time will only tell. Carin -- are you sure you don't want to join along?!?

Sorry. Again, no photos... looks like I may have to wait to post until I return home.

We will be playing in the outback for about 10 days and then will be taking another holiday at Coral Bay/Ningaloo Reef. My mom will fly up with the kids and meet us there for a week of fun. So, if I don't post from there... you know one of the top ten most dangerous creatures got me.


Jodie said...

Hi Shauna....glad to hear that you made it to Australia safely !! Say Hi to everyone and a big hug to Emma and Josh (Happy 7th Birthday Josh) Have a great adventure - I really need to go on one myself but till then I love hearing about yours :)

Love Jodie

haze said...

Stay safe!! The 4WD Challenge sounds like a blast, and I hope you all raise lots of money.

Anonymous said...

I keep checking back for signs of life. Or some kind of update from the swines.

*remembers her prayers don't do anything*
*corks another bottle of red*
*toasts Shauna and the wild boars*

Eastiopians said...

HOW COOL! I'm glad you made it back safely from that crazy mystery adventure and are now chilling at the beach. (ahhhhhh, lovely). But I can't wait to see pics...especially of the costume nights. :)