Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's goin' on...

To my friends and family that are not part of the AGCI adoption community... to answer your questions that have been popping up:

Where am I on the waiting list? I am still officially #14 as they only update you once a month, so I won't get my new number until early-mid May. But, it would appear that I am at least #12 based on 2 known referrals ahead of me. And, how do I feel about that...
  1. Excited, for sure, to be advancing quickly up the waitlist;
  2. Slightly concerned that Julie, my caseworker, will want to call me when I'm in the heart of the outback without any form of communication. (Is that a red flag that a prospective parent cannot be reached? hmm...) You never know how fast or slow the referrals come in;
  3. Parts of me would like the list to slow down slightly because I feel like I'm guaranteed to get caught by the court closures in Ethiopia during August and September and I think it will be more difficult to see and know who my daughter is without the ability to go over and get her.... and also knowing that for 2 months, nothing can happen to speed that process up.
As far as the home situation... I guess I should answer those queries too. I have sold my condo... but I suppose nothing is final until closing documents are signed (which will be while I'm in Australia, of course). But, I am plugging forward and planning storage for my stuff as I'll have to move out before I leave in exactly 3 weeks. I am currently spending a good amount of my time online each day looking for my perfect new home. Because of my failure to do so thus far, I am also currently accepting offers to live at various friends places for when I return from Australia!


Eastiopians said...

Yay for unofficial #12! I think I am unofficial #13, so that makes sense. Although, I am hoping that you and I both have some type of miracle occur and get June referrals and super speed court dates right before closing. If not, then referrals in July will at least get us a secured court date once they re-open. Prayers being sent that we continue to find peace and happiness through this journey. AGCI certainly does such a good job of keeping us informed and it's so much fun reading about all the families traveling while we wait. I hope that our 2 girls get to play together while we wait. :)


karengberger said...

We'd love to have you, but I think the commute would deter you! You are very welcome to come & visit, though.

Eastiopians said...

I don't mean to alarm you (hehe), but I think you just unofficially made it into the single digits! I think you are #9 and I am #10! Wahooooooo!

Go Us!

Theresa (just a wee bit excited, wink)

Eastiopians said...

Looks like we may be back in our previous spots. J's referral didn't work out....keep her and her husband in your prayers. I know that must have been a tough decision for them. Just saw their posts moments ago.