Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shhhh... Don't Tell My Mom

Last time I went to the outback with my sister and brother-in-law we took the kids with us. My mother could care less that we, the adults (loosely used term), were putting ourselves in harms way, in her opinion anyway. But... her precious grandchildren... well, that was an entirely different story. Talk of loss of sleep, panicking at the very thought that we would be in "croc country" left her feeling very uneasy, nevermind all the other creatures that could kill us at any given moment. So, what did we do to combat her fears? We sent her this photo mid-trip:

(Isn't Emma a fantastic little actor?)

I know, I know... mean. But funny too right? Anyway, why am I spending so much time writing about how mean we are to our mom? Turns out that recently there has been a 4m crocodile enjoying the same waters that we intend to play in at Coral Bay.... But, they just caught it and "took care of it" today. I just blew right past my gag order. But I figured, if the waters are "safe" again, I was free to speak. Right? Right? I may be in trouble for this.

This photo also makes me laugh.... capturing the moment that we "survived" swimming across the lake that had known fresh-water crocodiles living in it. Although... no one bats an eye at the freshies. Apparently if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. That may be quoted as a famous last line one day.


Di said...

You, my youngest daughter, are a brat!!! And to think, I just bought snorkel and prescription mask so I could swim at Coral Bay and see something - a crocodile was not what I had in mind......aaagh!! Think I should start the the major worrying now again, and we're not even in Australia yet!!
But I do love you, anyway!!!

Adopting1Soon said...

That's a great picture! You guys have a fabulous sense of humor :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Shmoe. Give u a bit of local news and u sing like a canary!!! Tweet Tweet Tweet look what news I have Tweet Tweet Tweet. Suffice to say he was a little far south. They tracked him for a few days and he kept going south, yet just before they got him he was on his way back to the North West to the warmer waters. He saw the error of his ways, yet so did the ”silver bullet”
Hey I have an idea, bring over one of those Bear Bells, we’ll see if it works over here with the Crocs, Wild Pigs, Snakes, Sharks, Blue Ringed Octopi, Box Jelly Fish etc… Consider it research!!
The cone of silence has now been lowered on any more information about the trip we have planned for you. Bad luck Tweetie!

Anonymous said...

I get Maeve if you get eaten by crocs. Just saying.

See you tomorrow!

Lv, CT

Brian said...

Is that tiny lizard the culprit--like some reptilian version of the Monty Python killer bunny? Or have those resourceful Aussies trained their reptiles to do paramedical work?

Hilarious photo!