Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hot Sweaty Yoga...

I go occasionally. Mostly, I like it. Last night I think I fried my brain and I felt the repercussions all night long. So, I was dutifully doing some research on some adverse side effects to hot sweaty yoga, I found this:

"The negative side effects of yoga are not always
physical. Mental instability can also be a side effect of practicing too
much yoga or practicing it incorrectly. Some negative, and severe, side
effects can include pseudo death, pseudo psychosis, confusion, increased
anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal patterns, depression, homicidal urges, and
feelings to self-mutilate. Headaches, temporary blindness, sexual pains,
and social issues may also arise."

Awesome. Fortunately these were not my symptoms... but now I'm scared!
And... What exactly is pseudo death?

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nell ann said...

I was just having a conversation the other day about how yoga made a friend of mine really cranky -- and now I have scientific proof! Thanks for the fun article quote. I'm definitely going to use it to my advantage.

: )