Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun Weekend...

(Someone needs a haircut... I'm going to let you guess who)

Well, I survived my first bike ride of the season yesterday... and the rewards were definitely worth the effort. It felt good to be riding again. Although, I did find myself laying horizontally on the couch for several hours afterward because I "had" to watch the final four, and not because my legs felt like jello.

The city is alive. The Pacific Northwest is so predictable... give us a sunny and warm day, especially when its been awhile, and EVERYONE is out. I absolutely love it. I saw every form of activity today -- from your classic running and biking to kite flying, kite surfing, and bocce ball. The enthusiasm for recreation was almost palpable. (or the desire to just laze in the sun... that was pretty palpable too)

This morning I met with the girls for brunch (Leann, Amber, and Avery) and then we managed to explore and slop around the Arboretum. When I got home I decided that I definitely needed to get out on my bike again and see what other Seattleites were up to. I rode to Golden Gardens to see how many people figured it to be beach weather -- a lot did. Gas Works was packed too; and almost dangerous with all the kites swirling about. When I got home it was still so nice that I almost felt guilty that I didn't strap my running shoes on and pound the pavement... but the big a#* hill that I have to ride up to get home kiboshed all plans for further activity... Instead, I planted my chair back on the deck and opened a cool beverage.

Bottom Line: This weekend has been totally satisfying.

Tomorrow I take off to Yakima to submit my I-600A form and have my fingerprints done. One more step in this adoption process. I have downloaded some podcasts on my iPod so I'm all set.

(Is anyone seeing what I'm seeing -- besides the toenails in desperate need of attention?! Yep, you do see it.... It is officially flip flop season!)

(Is it wrong that my legs are the same color as my shoes?)

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karengberger said...

It looks like you had a great weekend, & it was such fun to see your photos of friends from SCH.
I know what you mean about everyone going outdoors, doing EVERYthing imaginable! We do not take the sun for granted around here!
Have a good trip, & traveling mercies.