Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Bracket is Ruined....

Well... Ummm... The Huskies are a giving team and wanted to extend some charity to the Boilermakers?! Yeah... that's it...
Go Dawgs???
Crap. I'm going to hear about this... The messages have already started to trickle my way....


Anonymous said...

It was a sad day.
Ben would have been proud of your loyalty to the Dawgs.

RIP my little bracket. Better luck in 2010.


The Hoke Family said...

Trying not to make a smart-ass comment... trying not to make a smart-ass comment!

gayle said...

Well, Jenni can try all that she wants. Larry was going to call you during the game, but I told him not too gloat too much! He'd be happy to teach you the Purdue Fight Song! As would all of your uncles and aunt.
Just remember, this aunt did not go to Purdue...I just married into it!
I had the brains to go to the school that keeps getting highlighted now because we lost to Michigan State 30 years ago in the final game! Go Sycamores...yes, go trees! Indiana State had THE basketball team that year!
Boiler Up! Just had to say that for Uncle Larry!
love you, as always!
Aunt Gayle