Monday, March 16, 2009

Dinner Parties and a Ski Day

Super fun weekend filled with celebrating friends and playing in the snow. Today it is officially Amy's 30th Birthday... we went out on Saturday night to celebrate her, which was awesome. Last night we celebrated Melissa and Garrett's engagement... and that too was super duper fun. Sorry, camera died earlier in the day so I have no photo ops to display. Unfortunately I couldn't stay and join in on the dancing part of the evening... but I was there in spirit.

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of the latest dump in the mountains and hit the slopes with my friend Aaron. In order to get to said powder, one must drive up the mountain pass. Much to my irritation, I had taken off my studded snow tires a month ago -- because they are obnoxious, annoying, and you sound like you're a freight train driving down the freeway. And classically, it has snowed at least four times since their removal. So, when I woke up yesterday morning and checked the DOT weather report and webcams, I was excited to see all the new snow, but not so excited about my current tire situation. I hate hate chains. I hate chains so much that I decided to pull out my jack and change all four of my tires back to the studs. Sadly, I messed up my beautiful mint green nail polish my 9 year old friend had painted recently... the sacrifices one makes.

I am always excited to head up Rte 2... because I ALWAYS stop and get the best latte ever. So, here is my plug for the Espresso Chalet. Don't pass it by...

Skiing was awesome... it dumped all day and we had at least 8 inches on the top of Stu when we went to leave. A 'blizzard' blew through in the afternoon, which made me wonder, for a moment, if I would literally be blown off the lift... but I hung on and survived the ordeal. It was hilarious coming back to the car because the wind was still blowing hard... and it is very tricky trying to get out of your wet clothes, and boots, but at the same time keep the swirling snow out of the car. Very very unsuccessful. We managed a mere inch on the surface of everything inside the car. I tried to take a picture of the scene, but my camera was on strike because it was too cold. It takes after me. It was a slow trek off the mountain -- visibility was sketchy. They shut down the pass, but if you were already on the pass, you had to get off somehow. I always think a good rule of thumb is that ski time should be longer than travel time. I'm not certain we followed that rule yesterday. Oh well.

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