Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Mayhem....

On Saturday, I ventured north to connect with my Bellingham peeps. We go way back.... Almost all of us, spouses included, worked together at Camp Firwood as counselors or department heads for multiple summers. And then during the rest of the year, we lived some form of "Friends" existence -- we were always at each other's houses, doing everything together, almost every single night. I still don't know how we could like each other so much... ha. Eventually, our sitcom years came to an end.... and we are now scattered north to Vancouver and south to Seattle and Portland. It is wild now to come together because there are so many kids amongst the group. How our lives have changed -- well, maybe mine not quite yet, but theirs certainly! I sat back watching the kids run around, tackle each other, and play, knowing that in about a year there should be my own child to add to the mayhem. It made me smile.

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