Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vail, Colorado!!!!

Wow... I just had the most fantastic little ski holiday. I was the great beneficiary of Chelsea's generous family that helped make this all happen. Thank you Chelsea's dad for the airline buddy passes, and thank you Chelsea's brother - Luke for accommodation and all the sweet hook ups on the mountain. Chelsea and I jumped on a plane early Saturday morning, rented a truck out of Denver, and arrived in Vail mid-afternoon. Literally within the first hour of dumping our bag's at Luke's place, we were on the mountain having fun. Luke set us up for an afternoon of play -- first we did the bungy-trampoline thing (which was super fun up until I remembered I get motion sickness on twirly rides.... so I aborted bouncing before it was too late), then we went on a personal guided tour on the ski bikes. What a hoot that is! We were laughing and screeching ridiculously... you learn to negotiate the turns through the trees very quickly -- and by the end of our trip, it was dark enough that we needed our headlamps. It was an absolute trip.... and then to top off the evening, we went tubing. We didn't last too long on the tubes because I am a lightweight when it comes to being cold. But our hot chocolates and Starbuck runs throughout the weekend helped immensely.

We clicked into our skis on Sunday and Monday (Chels and Luke went snowshoeing on Monday... I couldn't pass up the skiing) and enjoyed all that Vail had to offer via runs, bowls, trees... what an incredible mountain. I had so much fun exploring and enjoying the light powder that the interior mountains have to offer. I didn't want to leave... but at least I got in two very solid days of skiing.

In the evenings we explored the town a little. It was good fun and a great holiday -- I would go back in a heartbeat. Now I'm back in the real world. My posh living has come to an end now. Woe is me. Ha.

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Andrew and Amber said...

Looks like so much fun! Any news on your homestudy?