Monday, January 19, 2009

Friend Time....

I've been ignoring the blog for the last couple of weeks... so, I'm making up for it in one night.

Last weekend we did in fact have "girls weekend at Leavenworth"... the mountain pass gatekeepers allowed us through and we didn't get flattened by an avalanche en route. There were ten of us (Avery included) that holed up in a totally cozy cabin. We all enjoyed some or all of the activities available -- snow shoeing, cross country skiing, hot tubing (its a sport you know...), and then of course there were plenty of movies, games, naps, food, and great conversations.

I escaped for part of the weekend because I had the great honor of speaking at Ben's memorial service and reading one of his favorite stories -- Sometimes I Feel Like a Storm Cloud. It was an amazing day -- the perfect tribute to a truly special boy.

Later in the week, we were able to throw Amy a baby shower for her little baby boy we expect to meet within the next couple of weeks... she hopes anyway. It was so fun and there were babies or pregnant people everywhere. This is the year of babies, which makes it that much more fun to be part of the baby loop. And no, I'm sure that I'm not drinking wine while I'm holding two week old Carter -- I'm pretty certain it was grape juice.

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karengberger said...

It's such fun to see pics of you hard-working, wonderful women whooping it up. I'm thrilled that you have bonded so strongly and can support each other, in all of life, in addition to the "work" part of it.
What a gift to Ben's family, to have you read at his memorial. It meant the WORLD to us that so many of Children's staff came to Katie's celebration. It affirmed for us that she had truly made an impact on people, and that others would carry her memory with them. That is a great comfort.