Monday, December 15, 2008

T'is the Season...

Despite the fact that Christmas is staring me in the face, I have yet to embrace the holiday spirit fully. I really don't think that I'm a scrooge about it... I just can't simply get there this year. I don't know if its because of the economic hardship of so many this year, or because of friends that are going through really difficult times, or if it just snuck up on me... But, I go through the motions and attend the functions and make the goodies... there is hope, maybe! I am an absolute disaster in the kitchen. Its not for a lack of trying... but come on. I decided to make cookies and Nanaimo bars the other day (I'm pretty sure everyone should befriend a diabetic during the Christmas season because I'm quite certain the pancreas is not up for the challenge)... For one, I cannot organize at all in the kitchen and it looks like a bomb went off... It doesn't help when I attempted to rest the beaters on the side of the bowl and I accidentally hit the "on" button and batter spewed everywhere. That was fun. And then, apparently, I'm not very good at math, because after carefully following all the instructions to make the Nanaimo bars, I ruined them by quadrupling the butter instead of doubling (those butter sticks are difficult... I should never assume how much a stick equals).
Anyway. Whatever. I may have just saved someone early onset heart issues.

Chelsea, my running event buddy, and I participated in the Jingle Bell Run this year. It was perfect because we had received snow the night before... so I gingerly walked/slid downtown to the start of the run and then we jingled our way through the city. It was a gorgeous day... blue skies and the sun shone through. It is cold though... I spent a couple of hours wrapped in my puffy jacket and blanket willing my fire to be hotter.

Last night Leann held her 5th Annual Christmas Party. She always has a theme and this year was '80's style Christmas. There were some sweet outfits -- and unfortunately I didn't capture all of them. It was scary to recognize so many familiar looking outfits from my past.... what a decade.


Di said...

Ah, Shauna, but you come by it naturally from your mother (not your grandmother, tho!)....ever wondered why I have 3 sets of measuring cups, spoons, a large kitchen whose every counter is a mess no matter that I am only preparing 2 dishes?!!! Don't despair - keep trying!! Finally the results will negate the mess!!
Love, Mom

Rosanne and Brian Carter said...

Oh Shauna, this is the funniest blog yet...laugh out loud blog! Thanks for making my day...the pictures are fabulous! BTW, I'd eat one of your desserts any day. Katie's outfit is the best...I love the 80s ski suit, but was hoping to see a pic of your outfit!