Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am thankful for those people who truly know how to give of themselves. I have the great fortune of seeing this in action on a daily basis at where I work, but I am still blown away by those people who are overachievers in the art of giving. On Thursday we had the opportunity to mix it up at the hospital and throw a lil' winter holiday party. Gingerbread houses were the main theme and I love how everyone got into it -- not just the kids and families, but RN's, PA's, MD's and even our Attending participated fully. Competition was fierce. Side by Side has embraced our unit fully and we are a better floor for it. Generosity was abounding as we were also able to mount the new flat screen TV that 5 - 5th graders fundraised by running lemonade stands throughout the summer so that our kids and families could enjoy this new toy. Today my patient and I were able to play Santa and give fantastic high-end gifts (ie iPods, Nintendo DS's, or personal DVD players... among other things) to all the patients. It was so fun to witness how this thrilled all the kids and their families. This extremely generous donation was provided by Go for the Goal, (pictures of us unloading the goods and bringing them in by family of the founders) -- and they couldn't be more excited to make the kids' day. It is refreshing to be surrounded by such great people and organizations. It is inspiring for sure. It definitely helped elevate the holiday cheer of the kids and their families that are stuck at the hospital. (Can't show any pics of the kids... but you get the idea)

On another note, last night the girls and I decided we needed an excuse to get dressed up, have a good time, and laugh. So, that is what we did.

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Rosanne and Brian Carter said...

What a FABULOUS idea...gingerbread houses!! Ohhh, how I wish I was back there...maybe one day. Love the pictures and LOVE the flat screen. Where is it located on the unit?