Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sunny Days....

I love where I live and the beauty that is surrounding me. I had a couple of days off and managed to get out and enjoy local hikes/walks with friends, and even managed a run today, which seems to be a feat as of late. Amber, precious Avery, Melanie, Leann and I attempted a mini hike yesterday that was rerouted to lunch out and a walk around the lake due to Leann's navigational ineptness (note how sad Avery and Amber are about not getting to go on our adventure....ha ha)... but fortunately, the hike that we attempted yesterday I was able to do with Kathleen and sweet Elizabeth today instead!

The sunset is absolutely gorgeous tonight... so, I'm sitting here listening to music, fire on, book in hand... and watching the colors take shape against the Olympics. I am also vigilantly watching for some sign of snowfall so that I can dust off my skis and hit the mountains in the near future... although, I am enjoying the blues skies if I'm honest.

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Rosanne and Brian Carter said...

Love the pics of Avery and Amber...let me guess, judging from the pics of Kathleen and her baby, was Leann trying to take you all to Discovery Park? Keep up the updates...just so you know, I LOVE reading them and seeing all the pics. Makes me feel like I'm closer to home.