Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Road Trip...

So, in the interest of finally getting my Homestudy completed, I headed south to Vancouver to meet with my Social Worker yesterday. Once again, I placed my coffee cup into the cup holders, added a diet coke for extra insurance, and made my great escape amongst many many other Seattlite drivers. I know I've said this before, but I really love to drive.... this time I wasn't feeling the music and drove down in silence -- I find it very therapeutic to just think without distraction sometimes. And I am quite certain I solved all the worlds' problems during the three hour drive. Its like I needed some alone time, which is funny, because I live alone.... I am in for a rude awakening in about a year's time when I have a baby and actually will never get it!

The meeting with my Social Worker, Barb, went really well. I essentially just had to explain what my life had been growing up, who my dysfunctional family members are (ha ha... kidding right?!), how I plan to raise my daughter -- ie., values, goals, discipline etc... Its very thought provoking and a good process for probably anyone to go through that is having a child. I know why we, as adoptive parents, go through this... but it also feels funny to have to explain exactly how you plan on raising your child and have it written up in a report. It is what it is though... and like I said, it is good to think these things through anyway.

After I was done in Vancouver I scooted south to Portland to hang out with my old roommate, Finny. Unfortunately I was done earlier than expected and had to kill almost 4 hours... so, where do you go? I should have found my way to the coast and taken that in for awhile, but instead I found myself at a main shopping center and essentially "people watched" the whole time. (I am in denial that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and have yet to purchase one gift... and I still couldn't make myself do it yesterday despite the fact there were stores all around me.) But, people watching is one of my favorite activities... don't judge me -- I find it fascinating. I did find out that leg warmers are, in fact, a current and acceptable fashion statement, that it is okay to to wear ALL your Christmas accessories and clothing items at the same time, teenagers are ridiculous and funny to watch, and don't mess with lil' old ladies who are on a mission. Finn and I finally met up and managed great conversation before I had to venture north again... All in all. A successful trip down and back... and I even managed to avoid a second speeding ticket through Tacoma. Bonus.

And oh yeah.... Crystal Mountain has opened. Yay!

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