Thursday, November 13, 2008

Road Trips....

I just love them. I don't do them often enough... but there's something about hitting the road, plugging in the tunes, and accelerating to who knows where.... I was recently perusing through old families photos and came across shots from our exploration of Europe by VW in 1979. The pictures just make me laugh. My parents were very ambitious for sure -- they took three kids aged eight, six, and four and camped their way through Europe for 2 months before we settled in Edinburgh for the year. I clearly remember that the kids rotated sleeping positions each night and the coveted spot was up front -- across bucket seats, a stick shift and all.... and my parents slept diagonally across the bed in the back. If you look closely you will notice my Dad self-medicating.

So, tomorrow I will take a mini trip down to Olympia to get my Power of Attorney needed for the adoption state certified. I could really get this process done by mail... but I wanted an excuse to hit the road with my new playlist and just drive. There will be some stellar singing I'm pretty sure. Let's hope my, not so deeply rooted, road rage doesn't make an appearance while dodging rush hour traffic! The first step is acknowledging you have a problem.

I heard back from my Social Worker today and she has finally tracked down the appropriate person to get my clearance from Canada who said it "shouldn't take very long"... but wouldn't give a specific timeframe. We'll see!!!


Super Mom said...

These are such great pictures, I love it, what fun! BTW, I just tagged you. Can't wait to see what else you find to post :)

Our journey said...

What fun pictures! Glad you are making progress ont he adoption front.


Di said...

Now, your parents weren't all that mean that the 'coveted spot' was quite that bad - it actually was a bench seat and the gearshift was on the floor....but definitely better than the two siblings who slept on the floor next to each other (horrors!) in the back (but we did buy a foamie that you laid on there!!). Let me tell you how much fun it was getting out of the mini-diagonal sleeping spot in the back if you kids were still in your sleeping bags...course your dad and I had to sleep with your toy bags beside us - and note the creative stacking of our suitcases!! Ah the adventures when we were younger (and more limber!!)!!
Love, Mom