Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh yeah... Adoption

So, I look back and realize that, although I started this blog to update my friends and family about the adoption process, everyone has been subjected to my everyday life without any mention of adoption for a while. Well, what's going on? Not much. I officially have everything I need to proceed to the next step -- homestudy. But, we need to wait on my Canadian background check to come in. This should maybe concern me a little... not because of what they'll find (I hope! ha), but rather the time it may take! If the government works as quickly as the Canadian postal system, I may be waiting a long time! Oh well. I will not fret. There is nothing I can do... As I said to my social worker -- we may not be the fastest nation, but we're really nice! But, that is where I'm at for now.

Happy notes -- last night we were able to celebrate with my friend Jill at her "end of therapy party"!! Jill is such a rockstar.... she has completed all her rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and did it in style -- she is an inspiration. And, she is looking cuter than ever in her new sassy short hair.

Amy and I decided to take advantage of the fact it has rained something like 10 inches in the mountains this past week and slop through muddy trails in the Cascades. I love the smell of rain and the crispness of the air this time of year. And bonus... we didn't get shot at.

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