Friday, November 14, 2008

Major Buzz Kill

Ahhh... the morning was turning out so perfectly... I got up early despite the fact I really like to sleep in... but i really like avoiding rush hour traffic more. I treated myself to a triple shot grande latte from Starbucks... and I hit the road. I made great time and pulled into Olympia earlier than expected (note the foreshadowing here). I had a very nice lady help me get my document state certified and I headed back to Seattle singing my little heart out.

This is where things took a turn.

I was driving through Tacoma listening to one of my favorite U2 songs -- Bad. Just as the song was gaining momentum I noticed the police officer on the side of the road. I even noticed him get excited and start jumping on his motorcycle. I was thinking... too bad for the poor person that's about to get pulled over. La ti da... I'm still singing. But because someone's about to get pulled over, I still pay attention so I can watch it go down. I better even get over to the middle lane so that he can whiz by me and get the offender. Wait... Why is he coming up behind me? Why is he motioning for me to pull over?? Its Me?!?

So, I pull over and start pulling out my registration and license... trying to look like an agreeable person who doesn't deserve a speeding ticket. The officer was all business. He showed me his radar gun indicating that I was going 72 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. Well, everyone knows that you are allowed to go at least 70 in a 60... what's another 2 really?! And, I was going with the flow of traffic... there were plenty of drivers going much faster than me. But I was too proud to tell this officer all my explainable thoughts. As he left to go write up my ticket, I slyly moved my Hospital badge onto the passenger seat.... just in case. Nope. Didn't work. I officially don't like Tacoma... no wonder it won some sort of 'least desirable city to live in' ranking a few years ago.

So, the document that I chose to drive down to get certified so that I could have a happy drive cost me $144, a half tank of gas, and my 'peaceful easy feeling'. I had been feeling slightly guilty about my unnecessary drive and its effect on the environment anyway. Apparently now I'm giving back.. but in the form of more money in Tacoma's pockets.

Whatever. I just pumped up the tunes again and resumed where I left off.


Our journey said...

So sorry about the little bump in the road. Tacoma stinks...both literally and figuatively. Hope you day get better.


Brooke said...

So sorry, Shauna! Glad to hear things are moving forward for you in the adoption process! Praying for you! Thanks for reading my blog too!