Sunday, October 5, 2008

My homework has started....

Oh I love my life most of the time! The girls and I headed down to Seaside for a few nights and probably Amber's last hurrah before she has gives birth in a few weeks (Thanks Chris for letting Amber come!!)... I love being by the ocean and the beach cabin that we stay in (thanks to Melanie's cousin) is super cute... As it was the last time we came down, we were greeted with a lot of rain -- but it makes it more cozy that way. I think we watched at least 4 movies, played countless games, read, finished a few crosswords, ate very well, and explored and shopped a little. We started the holiday strong though all cozy and tucked in watching the highly anticipated VP debate. Go "OBiden" Go. Don't even get me started about Palin.
When I got home I had a box waiting at my door. Within the box contained my Homestudy binder and my Adoption Planner. It is quite the list of things to accomplish... but I'm just going to try and put my head down, think positively, and plow through it. Not only does it involve gathering a bunch of documents, references, governmental forms etc... initially there are educational lessons and workbooks to work through. I'm finding it interesting already.
One last thing... I had a nice little chat with my 8 year niece, Emma, in Australia tonight. We hadn't had the opportunity to really chat about her being a new cousin next year. So, we talked about it tonight and she asked me if I was going to have a girl or boy. I told her it was probably going to be a girl and she had the response, "well that's good Auntie Shauna -- because girls like to sleep in whereas boys get up way too early..... and I know how much you like to sleep in". Ahhh... I love that girl. And it proves that, although we live a half a world away, she knows me very well! It is not lost on me that I need to take advantage of these remaining months of long, uninterrupted sleep by the way... I'm taking full advantage!


Our journey said...

I know it seems overwhelming at first, but just try and accomplish one thing each day and you will have it done before you know it! I am jealous of your weekend. I love Seaside and Cannon Beach.


The Gresham Clan said...

Hey Shauna,

It's so great to meet you! How exciting that you are taking this huge step of faith! God will lead you exactly where he wants you and you'll be amazed at the entire process. It can be hard, fun, exciting, discouraging and exhilarating all at the same time! Looking forward to seeing your journey!!


Lance said...

ummm...yes. sleep until you can sleep no more. and then take a nap. :) cj