Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Canadian Thanksgiving that is... My American friends really get a kick out of Canadian Thanksgiving... they aren't quite sure what they're celebrating... but bottom line is they'll celebrate almost anything if it results in a full-on turkey feast. The inaugural "Canadian Thanksgiving" started as a mini dinner party seven years ago with about 5 of us. It has turned into a full-blown event now. Amy and I now host the annual party (Amy doesn't really have a choice because we have it at her place, she's been to every one, and she's half Canadian -- it would be unpatriotic if she didn't want to participate!). Last year we maxed out with over thirty people salivating over the turkey and pumpkin pie... this year we shortened the invite list to the mid-twenties... to make it more quaint! It was great fun.... fortunately I made it home before the tryptophan kicked in. Oh... and Rosanne and Brian. You were, and are, definitely missed. Sorry we couldn't skype...

Over the weekend I made a quick trip up to Vancouver to celebrate with my family. It was a full weekend of gluttony. Fantastic.

On the adoption front I am still plugging away... I am almost done with all the Homestudy paperwork. At least its satisfying to be doing something.


Cathy said...

you look great in hot pink, by the way. my new favorite color is popsicle grape purple, if you must know.

Rosanne and Brian Carter said...

We MISSED being there!! Looks like it was another fabulous party!! Who brought in the green bean casserole?!!??!


Brooke said...

How'd you get my blog to work and be posted on your site?! Thanks! Looking forward to your updates!


Di said...

Hmmm - that turkey looks pretty awesome - much better than the steaks we had on Saturday night! Looks like lots of fun - I'm looking forward to our first turkey-day of 2008 at Christmas in AZ!!
Love, Mom

Melissa said...

You've been tagged ;)