Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fun....

This week has been full of random and fun things. Today I went to my very first pumpkin patch... apparently this is a common annual event for many. I grew up picking out the perfect pumpkin from the bins outside the local Safeway... who knew this existed?! We really went to explore and conquer the corn maze though... and conquer we did.

On Saturday night my friend Jen had a White Trash Party. She recently bought a "fixer-upper", which had bathtubs and toilets sitting in her front lawn... thus the theme of the party came very naturally. I had to swear on my life not to publish any photos I took on my blog. Weird. Imagine if you will, inappropriate usage of wife beaters, big hair, caked on make-up, and much much more that I don't even feel like I should describe! I was saying little prayers to and from Jen's that I wouldn't be pulled over by the local police as my outfit would've required a lot of explaining -- especially if I was close to Aurora at the time!

As far as adoption stuff -- I sent off my fingerprints to the FBI this week (hence the graffiti ed envelope begging them to process them quickly). Another good reason for not getting pulled over and arrested Saturday night... the mug shot would've been awesome. I'm pretty much done everything that I can do and am simply waiting to receive letters back from other people... and then we start in on the home study.

I had to post this cute picture of my buddy Connor(after getting approval from his mother of course) who I took care of a lot over a year ago... Isn't he just the best? He gives the best snuggly hugs ever.

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Michelle Riggs said...

Loved the post. Congrats on getitng one step closer.

Thanks for posting the picture of conner. It did this Mama's heart good.