Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well... Another Day...

I suppose patience is the name of the game when you start in on the adoption process. Today I was supposed to have my orientation phone call -- although I just found out it has to be rescheduled for totally legitimate reasons... but I am anxious to hear more details about the Ethiopian program and have the opportunity to ask all my questions (I have written out two pages worth!) Now it just gives me the chance to think up even more questions!
It has been fun and an interesting process telling people of my plans to adopt. In a way I feel like I'm at an AA meeting... "Hi, my name is Shauna and I've decided to adopt." I have gotten all sorts of initial reactions to my news... mostly shock takes hold and then disbelief, excitement, and then questions follow. I have an amazing support system here and I couldn't feel more encouraged.
Oh... by the way. I have decided that I would like to adopt a baby girl! My mother will be so happy... (Maybe I'll tell her the news this afternoon after I pick her up at the airport and head straight to the towing yard to pick up her car that I was "babysitting" this week while she was in Phoenix. Whoops...)


frugalfriends said...

The adoption process is H-E-doublehockeysticks. Can you believe that your baby is growing in a belly or already born!!!! Ok- I realize, thinking that does NOT make waiting easier.

Count me in as a supporter! When's the baby shower. I'm coming. For SHIZZLE!!!
Andie...super duper pro adoption crazy lady.

Di said...

Well, of course Shauna has to have at least one daughter - I have been saving her Sasha & Cabbage Patch Dolls, dollhouse her dad made and I collected furniture and crocheted rugs for(hmm, can you tell which era Shauna was born in?!!)....well, maybe she'll have to adopt fraternal twins - boy and girl!! Oh, my!!

I'm excited- though I don't want to wait a year or so to see this new grandchild!!

And, yes, I think it would be much cheaper to park at SeaTac next time, eh, Shauna?!! I'm sure Shauna will be a much better mother than a car-babysitter!!!
Love, Mom

Beth said...

You wonderful, loving, special person. Shauna, this is so huge and so fantastic. As someone who can call herself a sister, sister-in-law, and wife of adopted individuals, I think it is one of the most tremendous gifts in the whole world. I'm thrilled for you. xoxox Beth